Pattaya Off-Road Safari Terms and Conditions              


There is no penalty or fee for any cancelation made before 6pm (Thailand time) the evening prior to the tour and customers who have paid in advance by credit card will receive a full refund to their credit card. We reserve the right to charge any customer who cancels after 6pm for the full amount of the tour.

Late Arrival

Any customer who arrives at an agreed pick up point or at Pattaya Off Road Safari more than 10 minutes later than the agreed time or start of their booked tour, will be deemed to have cancelled and will be charged for the full amount of the tour.  


No refunds are given after a tour has started and no refund or partial refund is given if a customer wishes to leave the tour early; or is required to leave the tour early for whatever reason. We reserve the right to stop or suspend any tour if in our opinion a customer is unable or unwilling to safely operate their ATV or Buggy, or who is driving in an unsafe or reckless or dangerous manner, or who is not complying to the direction and/or instructions of the tour guides. Under such circumstances no refunds are given. If a tour is delayed or postponed due to adverse weather customers will be offered a similar tour on an alternative date (rain check) or maybe offered a refund at the sole discretion of Pattaya Off-Road Safari management.

Physical Restrictions

Riders must be able to physically operate the vehicles safely with both hands holding handlebars or steering wheel and feet touching footrests or pedals. Passengers must be able to sit upright and fit into seatbelts where installed or they may be unable to join the tour.


There is no charge for accidental or minor damage to a customer’s ATV or Buggy unless it is deemed to have been a result of driving recklessly, dangerously or against the instructions given to them by Pattaya Off-Road Safari, in which case we reserve the right to charge the customer the full price (including labor) for repairs and/or replacements.

Health Insurance

We provide limited medical insurance to customers who have paid in advance of their tour. However, this covers only limited local medical treatment and we strongly recommend that customers check with their own healthcare provider for ensure they have adequate insurance cover for off-road motorsports.

Alcohol and Drugs

Customers seen or suspected of drinking alcohol and/or consuming drugs or show signs of being under the influence, will not be permitted to join or remain on tour, and no refunds will be given.

Safety Equipment

The wearing and using of safety equipment provided to the customer is mandatory. Any customer refusing to wear safety equipment will not be permitted to join or remain on tour and no refunds will be given.

Release of Liability Form

Customers are required to accept a liability release waiver to complete their booking process, even if they book and pay in advance in person or online. Such acceptance is deemed to be given by signing a release of liability waiver form and providing a copy, of photo identification such as ID card, passport, driving license, prior to the start of their tour. No customer will be allowed on tour if they have not or will not sign a waiver form, and no refunds will be given.

For any questions about these Terms and Conditions contact [email protected]

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