Enduro Academy


Level I

First lesson we teach students the basics of clutch, throttle, front brake and back brake operation. We explain in detail on how all these parts work in order to ride the bike and they are taught how to change gears up and down using the clutch at all times. Once they have mastered this we take them to our training field where they will ride slowly around the figure of 8 cones. This teaches them the balance and relevant skills on how to control the bike at slow speeds. This first lesson takes approximately 2 hours and to move on to Level II they will need to pass Level I.


Level II

We spend some time to make sure they remember their last lesson and to get them comfortable on the bike. We then move over to the forest opposite to our shopfront, this will be their first feel of riding real off road Enduro. Again, if they master Level II, we move onto the next level.


Level III

As per other lesson with start with familiarization with the bike, talk about safety and get ready to go onto the nursery track. This will be the first time the kids will be going up and down hills and how to control the bike on the hills. Once this has completed, we take the riders out to the tapioca fields, then back to base for briefing on the ride.


Level IV

Quick refresher on the bike and then we head to the water falls, this will be first time the kids will feel like they are on real Enduro trails. All tours have instructors leading the way and one sweeping at the rear.

Level V

This level will be the final lesson at our academy. This ride will test the kids on all the skills they have learnt throughout the previous levels. Once the kids return to Pattaya Off Road we will present them with their course completion certificate stating that they have graduated from our Academy. Now its up to Mum or Dad to buy them their own bike.

Retail Price is 15,000B, Pre Pay and take 15% discount for a Total 12,750 with a FREE T-shirt

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